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Beef by the Side or By Subscription !

This page is for those customers who are able to buy in bulk and want the best possible prices. 

If you are interested in a full side of beef all at once, then check out our farm website, Whitesell Farms, to see what sides of beef are coming available for Custom Beef processing.

CSA Beef Subscription Program

Community Supported Agriculture business models are a growing trend in the Farm-to-Fork community and are common place for many farmers growing fruits and vegetables.  We have done some research and investigation and believe we have a program that will work for our operation and our local area customers.

The Highlights

Currently, as the largest producer of Wagyu beef in Alabaman, we process a steady stream of steers with drop off and pick up every three weeks.  That works out to roughly 16 potential delivery dates in a given 12 month period.

We have worked out a plan that shares 16 sides of beef across 16 subscribers over 16 deliveries throughout the course of a year.  Each delivery will vary in the makeup of cuts as each subscriber receives the different options in turn.  For instance, there is only one brisket, one tritip, one picanha, etc. in each side of beef.  By the final delivery of your annual subscription, you will have received a full side of beef.  Note: each delivery will always include a pair of our "Fine Dining" steaks (filet mignon, NY strip, or bone-in ribeye).

Deliveries will be made (at no charge) to area Farmers Markets in season or planned drop off locations.  They will be available approximately every three weeks, 4 times a quarter.  We may also offer a home delivery option for a small fee if there is interest.

Depending on the billing option you select, the subscription fee can be as low as $140/delivery.  As an added benefit, subscribers can add additional cuts to their delivery at a 15% discount over posted retail prices.

Click HERE for more information on the cuts of beef in the subscription, and when you can expect them.

Click HERE for more information on the costs and logistics of the subscription program.