FULL SIDE Subscription: 16 Sides - Steak Focus

Our first subscription plan works with 16 sides of beef with an average hanging weight of 400 lbs each over a 16 month period.  Each side will be processed to the same specifications to aid in creating uniformity between the subscribers over the course of the subscription.  Minor variations in weights will occur, but the utmost in care will be taken, and careful records maintained to make sure the distribution is as equitable as possible.

The main question we get on subscriptions is "What's in the box?" and with good reason.  The answer is "It varies!" and here is why.  Even though each side of beef is processed the same way, there will be some natural variation between the yields.  Combine that with the fact that some cuts are very rare and its easy to see why each delivery vary.

These are the cuts that will be produced with the anticipated frequency of delivery:

Filet Mignon - 4 deliveries

We will be cutting the tenderloin into 4 equal pieces.  Each piece should yield from 2 to 4 steaks depending on your preferred thickness.  Each subscriber will get two center sections and two end sections over the course of the year.

Boneless Ribeye - 8 deliveries

These are cut 1-1.5" thick and packaged individually but will come in pairs for the deliveries that include them.

New York Strips - 4 deliveries

These are cut 1" to 1.5" thick and packaged individually but will come in pairs for the deliveries that include them.  There is a possibility of getting an extra "bonus" NY strip from time to time depending on the yield.

Note: the cuts listed above are the stalwarts of the steak family and will be spaced so that each delivery contains one of them.  No matter which delivery you are getting, it will have a couple of the "top shelf" steaks in it!

Top Sirloin - 4 deliveries

We plan to portion the top sirloin into 8 steaks, packaged individually, delivered in pairs.

Chuck Eye Steaks - 4 deliveries

The chuck eye is the continuation of the ribeye as it moves into the shoulder and makes a great little steak.  They will be packaged in pairs.

Breakfast Steaks -  4 deliveries

Favoring steaks in this subscription plan, the Eye of Round will be sliced into thin breakfast steaks, 4 to a package.  These are great for quick meals or for steak biscuits or steak & eggs in the morning.

Minute/Cube Steaks - 4 deliveries

These thin-cut, tenderized steaks from the round are versatile favorites of ours.

Note: this second tier of steaks (above) will also be evenly spaced so that each delivery contain one of the types of cuts in turn.

TriTip - 1 delivery

A West Coast favorite that is becoming ever popular in the area.  Look up a recipe and experiment!

Picanha (Sirloin Cap) - 1 delivery

This is a Brazilian cut made famous by those Brazilian steakhouses around town.  Another cut that is fun to experiment with.

Teres Major - 1 delivery

A single muscle from the chuck assembly sometimes called the Shoulder Tender.  Can be prepared much like a tenderloin.

Flank Steak - 1 delivery

A unique "flat" steak that makes for great dinner parties.

Flat Iron - 1 delivery

We are planning to leave this whole under the "go big or go home" philosophy.  Another great cut for a dinner party since you get a variety of levels of 'done-ness' in a single preparation.

Skirt Steak - 2 deliveries

Very popular for those who are familiar with their preparation.  These are great for fajitas.

Hanger/Butcher Steak - 1 delivery

Could be new for some of our subscribers.  Look up a preparation method and give it a try.

Brisket - 1 delivery

When you get this in your delivery, you can expect a bigger box!  We normally leave our brisket whole, but since it can easily go 10 lbs or more, we will give our subscribers the option to have it broken down into the point and flat since not everyone has the ability to deal with a full brisket.

Note: there are only 9 of these rare cuts (above) available in a side of beef so not every delivery will contain one, but we will spread them out across the year as best we can.

Sirloin Tip Roast - 2 deliveries

We struggled between going with roasts or steaks here, but decided that a few roasts were okay to include in this plan.  These are exceptional roasts and marginal steaks, hence the decision.  You can cut these into steaks yourself if you prefer.

Shoulder Roast - 2 deliveries

Again, you can always cut these into steaks if you prefer.

Kabob/Stew Meat - 8 deliveries (?)

Great for a lot of uses including our "InstaPot BBQ Beef" that we often sample at our Farmers Market stand.  We are not completely sure of the number of packages we will get per side and will adjust this accordingly after we get a better feel for the number.

Short Ribs - 8 deliveries (?)

Packaged two to a pack.  Again, we need to get a little more experience to see how many will come in each side given our specification for packaging.

Note: the cuts above will be rotated appropriately and prioritized to balance out the singleton specialty cuts that may or may to be in a given delivery.

HamburgerPatties - 16 deliveries

These are pre-made patties that are approximately 7 oz in size and come 4 to a pack.  They cost extra to produce but are fan favorites and will be in every delivery.

Ground Beef - 16 deliveries

It is ubiquitous and useful and will be in every delivery.  We aren't completely sure how many 1 lb packs each will contain since it depends on how much is consumed by our other cuts using ground beef.

‚ÄčAll-Beef Sausages - various, 1-2 packs per delivery

We will be rotating through the various all-beef sausage recipes during the year including: BratwurstHot Sweet Italian, Sweet Italian, Chorizo, Andouille, and Polish.  These will show up in links and in 1 lb packages and are great alternatives to having extra ground beef.

Interesting Bits - various

If you are familiar with us from Farmers Markets, you know our menu board includes an "Interesting Bits" section that always gets a lot of smiles.  We try hard not to waste any part of a harvested animal and that will include those going to this subscription.  On the contract form, you can indicate if you are interested in any of the following cuts: Tongue, Liver, Kidney, Heart, Spleen, Marrow Bones, & Ox TailThey will be distributed to interested subscribers in turn.  The number of each you will receive is determined by the number of other interested parties that will be splitting the total.

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