Our beef is currently exclusively sourced from Whitesell Farms.  Cattle there are meticulously planned, tested, measured, and constantly evaluated for the highest standard of quality.  We invite you to visit the Whitesell Farms Website to learn more about the process of raising high quality beef.

Once delivered to McBride Meats in South Pittsburgh, TN, an USDA inspected facility, NAW takes over from there. It is aged appropriately, and processed by the talented staff of McBride Meats to the specifications of its destination. Transported in our cold trailer, packaged beef is sorted and boxed in our walk-in freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit, where it is safely stored until ready to be delivered to our customers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to consistently deliver locally raised beef of the highest quality to those who appreciate complete traceability, attention to detail, and honest engagement.  


North Alabama Wagyu, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitesell Farms and serves as the commercial retail and wholesale outlet for the Wagyu & Wagyu influenced beef produced in Jones Chapel, AL.

Today, you can find NAW at various North and Central Alabama Farmers Markets where sell every conceivable cut of beef.  We also maintain an extensive inventory and will custom deliver beef by the half, quarter, or eighth to our customers.  

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