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CSA Named Subscription: Costs & Logistics

As popular as our FULL SIDE subscription has been, not everyone is interested in such a long term commitment, or such a variety of cuts.  Based on feedback from a number of our regulars, we are introducing several "named subscription" options.

Billing Options

The term of these subscription options is set by the prepayment billing option selected.

Per Delivery: $175 payment each month before or at the time of each delivery.Per Delivery: $150 payment each month before or at the time of delivery.
Quarterly: prepay three months for $500 (equivalent to $167/month)Quarterly: prepay three months for $420 (equivalent to $140/month)
Annual: prepay twelve months for $1,800 (equivalent to $150/month)Annual: prepay twelve months for $1,560 (equivalent to $130/month)

Note: because this doesn't represent a "share" of a side of a custom side of beef, sales tax must be added to the subscription fee and collected at time of payment.

Invoices will be sent by e-mail 14-20 days before the next delivery and must be paid before or at the time of the delivery.

Delivery Logistics

Deliveries for the "named subscriptions" will be made during the same week as our FULL SIDE subscription.  This is typically the first full week of the month.  We will work with the customer to arrange a mutually convenient time.

If you would like to add additional cuts to your delivery from our retail menu, let us know and we will add them at a 15% discount over retail.

While the Farmers Markets are in season, the preferred pick-up location will be at your nearest Farmers Market that we attend.  Out of season, we will arrange a meeting spot and time (typically the site of one of these Farmers Markets) to meet.

If you are interested in a home delivery options, let us know and we can see what it would cost for us to work it in.

Signing Up

Signing up is easy!  First, use the "Contact Us" for to clear up any questions you might have (and to let us know that you are interested).

Then, download our CSA Named Subscription Contract and fill it out with your contact information, billing options, and delivery options.  "Contract" may sound intimidating, but there is no fine print - just an agreement that we both understand that this is a mutual commitment.  You can bring it to us in person at one of our Farmers Market stops or scan & send it to us in e-mail at: northalabamawagyu@whitesellfarms.com.


After we have received your completed contract, we will invoice you for the initial payment.