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Nothing quite equals the excitement of meeting lots of new potential customers at area Farmers Markets.  Those of you who come out to these markets are educated consumers who expect to find local products, dedicated producers, and traceability throughout the process.  What a great match for what we are trying to accomplish at NAW!

We have our schedule set for 2023 - see below for dates and locations!

Retail Pricing

We work hard to keep a fresh supply of beef so that each and every cut is available at all times.  At this point, we are making one full side of beef available through the Farmer's Market channels each month.  This means that the rare cuts like TriTip, brisket, picanha, are likely to be sold out quickly.  To give each customer a fair shot at claiming the rare stuff, we offer a pre-sales auction format at the begining of the month.  Please use the Contact Us form to be added to the notification list for that process.

All prices are per pound (unless otherwise stated).

Price per lb
Typical SizeComments
Filet Mignon$40
1lbThe rarest top end cut.  Only 5-8 lbs in a 1500 lb steer.  The Cadillac of steaks.  We cut 0.75-1.25 lbs sections of the tenderloin.  This allows you to hand cut your steaks and choose your own thickness.  These steaks won't disappoint.  What more can you say?
Boneless Ribeye$38
8-18 ozA true crowd favorite.  The best all around combination of flavor and tenderness.  This is the signature steak for the Wagyu breed and will be the cut most featured in pictures.  We cut them 1.5" think.
New York Strip$30
12-16 ozThe "other side" of the T-bone (opposite the filet).  Fast becoming our favorite cut due to the exquisite texture that jumps out at first bite.
Teres Major/Shoulder Tender$25
1-2 lbsThis cut takes a skilled butcher to retrieve and represents a single muscle tucked away under the flat iron in the shoulder.  It rivals the filet for tenderness but is packed with flavor.  We leave it whole and there are only two.  Check out this website for details on this unusual cut.
Sirloin Steak$18
10-16 ozLeaner cut with a lot of character.  Gets a bad rap as a "cheap cut" but don't look past it too quickly - our Wagyu sirloins have lots of marbling and surprising tenderness. We cut these 3/4" thick.
1-3 lbsA West Coast favorite and a versatile cut of beef.  Hard for us to keep in stock. 
Picanha / Sirloin Cap$22
2-4 lbsLeft whole. This interesting cut is popular in the Brazilian-style cooking methods. It features the top muscle of the sirloin covered in an ample fat cap.  Nearly impossible for us to keep in stock.
Flat Iron$20
1-4 lbsPopular restaurant menu item due to its flavor and versatility.  Our Flat Irons have amazing marbling and flavor.  We either leave whole or cut in half.
Flank Steak$20
2-3 lbsLeft whole. This unique, thin, plank-shaped cut has a great taste profile.
Skirt Steak$18
1-3 lbsWe leave this unique steak whole.  Often used for fajitas.
Butcher/Hanger Steak
2-3 lbsLeft whole.  One per side of beef.  Interesting cut that is getting new looks from the adventurous due to its rarity.  Takes some study and work to get it prepared correctly.
Minute/Cube Steak$10
1 lb pkgThis is a fun cut - thin and tenderized, they thaw quick and fry up quicker.  They make great sandwiches, country fried steaks, or slice them up for stir fry or for fajitas.
Whole Brisket$11
7-15 lbsCompetition grade brisket, left whole for our BBQ fanatics. A masterpiece waiting to happen. 
Eye of Round / Breakfast Steaks$15
2-3 lbsWe often leave this cut whole to give you options.  Slow cook it, roast it, or slice it into breakfast steaks - amazing on a biscuit!  This is a beautiful cut of meat.  When packaged as steaks, they run about 1 lb/pack.
Sirloin Tip Roast / Sirloin Tip Steak$15
3-4 lbsThe premier roast - a Sunday dinner classic.  This loin is a beautiful cut of meat that can also be sliced into steaks.
Chuck Eye Whole / Steak$12
4-6 lbsThe tail end of the ribeye loin as it transitions into the shoulder.  Boneless, we leave it whole, or cut in half, or cut into steaks.  Lots of options exist with this versatile cut. 
Kabob/Stew Meat$10
1 lb pkgTender steak ends and pieces.  We leave these pieces large enough for kabobs, but they are also great for soups, stews, and chili.  I also cook in a pressure cooker with hickory smoke and seasoning and shred with two forks for quick "cheater" BBQ beef "brisket" sandwiches. 
Osso Bucco/Shank$12
1-3 lbsCooking show favorite. A cross cut shank portion (2" thick) with large, marrow filled bone.  Slow cook until it is melt in your mouth tender.
Plate Ribs$9
5-6 lb rackWant to cause a stir at the next cookout?!? Plate ribs are numbers 6, 7, & 8 and are left whole (12-14" long).  The result is an impressive cut of beef with bones worthy of your favorite cave man!
Short Ribs$7
2-3 lb pkg of 2Great for slow cooking in the smoker or large crock pot.  Expect to get messy (and be happy about it)! 
Shoulder Roast$10
2.5 lbsA classic roast, bone-in. 
Rump Roast$12
2-3 lbsAnother classic roast - a beautifully marbled and boneless cut of beef. 
Ground Beef
1 lb pkgOur customers rave about our ground beef.  Everyone expects the steaks to be better than they are used to, but is caught by surprise by the improvement in the burgers.  Check with us on what multi-pound purchase discounts we may be offering.
Hamburger Patties$10
4 pk of 6-7 oz pattiesThe same great ground beef formed into a ready-to-go hamburger patty.  These flat packages of 4 will thaw quickly and produce a burger that will certainly fill up a bun!
Interesting Bits

(limited availability on Interesting Bits - ask and if we have them, you get them!)
Heart$10 each
massiveThere is only one per animal and these are surprisingly hard to keep in stock.
1 lbLiver and onions anyone?!?
Kidney$5 each
wholeor maybe, steak and kidney pie?!?
Tongue$15 each
wholeSome say this is the best taco meat you can find. This is hard to keep in stock so contact us if you know you want it.
Ox Tail$15 each
wholeA favorite for soup.  This is all of the usable tail but is cut up in 1"-2" segments.
Spleen$5 each
whole. big!Just Google "how to cook a beef spleen" - Yeah, I was surprised too! It really is a thing - and they can even make it sound good!  Actually, I think we sell more of these to dog owners who are looking for the benefits of organ meats for their pets.
Tallow (Rendered)$5/lb
2lb blocks(out of stock)
nice sizeWe do keep some bones on hand for soup stock or maybe a favorite dog.  These will be marrow bones from the shank.

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