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We follow the principles of sustainable farming, with low stocking rates and careful attention to healthy pastures.  Our cattle always have access to fresh grass and high-quality hay.  We do not use any growth hormones and our feed sources are all-natural, with no added antibiotics.  We work closely with an animal nutritionist to formulate supplemental feed rations that build great marbling and flavor for a final finished product that is…​

Wagyu beef is world renowned for its marbling, tenderness, and flavor.  We pay meticulous attention to genetic pairings for all our cows and do DNA profiling on all our calves to make sure we are producing the highest performing Wagyu beef.  From before birth, to the day of harvesting, we strive to take every step we can to make our beef the best it can be.​




Our family farm in Jones Chapel, AL has been in operation since 1999 and has specialized in raising Wagyu beef since 2010.  All the beef we offer spent their entire life on our farm, on rolling hills of fine pasture in an environment that is kept…​