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Pre-ORDER Procedure for The Madison City Farmers market

Hey everyone!

During this interesting time that is the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are seeing a greater demand for limited-contact sales via pre-order.

If you do not want to shop in the traditional Farmers Market booth way, you can pre-order and we will bring your purchase directly to your car at the market.  Just be sure to let us know that is your preference.

We do ALL of our ordering (and invoicing) through e-mail.  You can use the form below to send an e-mail message or send it to NorthAlabamaWagyu@WhitesellFarms.com via your own e-mail system.  PLEASE SUBMIT ORDERS BY 4PM ON FRIDAY!

When your order comes in (and we get back to our computer), we will review it, send a confirmation that we have received it via e-mail, and ask for any clarifications needed.  Then, we package it up, take a snapshot of the order, and send an invoice with the totals, any additional instructions, and the photo.  If you have not seen a confirmation within 24 hours, then something went wrong.  Please try your order again.

Please make sure your e-mail address is correct!

Be as detailed as possible on quantities/weights, etc. and include your cell phone for contact if there are issues.

Did you remember your cell phone and double check your e-mail address?!?  Thanks!

Specials for the Market on: May 23, 2020

(Several items are now marked below as limited supply - I am not going to raise the price - but will just continue filling orders until they are gone.  Please consider specifying an alternative choice if you order one of these items.  Thanks!  -Rob)

You can always order ANYTHING listed on our Farmers Market Page, (repeat: our full list of cuts are available!  We have plenty of filet mignon, bone-in ribeye, and teres major at regular prices) but here are a few specials for the crazy time that is the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Ground Beef (no limit on order size)

  • 3 of our 1lb packs for $21
  • pre-made Hamburger Patties for $8/lb (4 patties per pack, 1.7lb average total weight)

Fine Dining Special

  • thick cut NY Strip Steaks $25/lb (regularly $30/lb) - These are gorgeous 1.5+" thick steaks - lots of marbling and amazing texture.​

All-Beef Sausage ($10/lb for ground in 1lb pkgs, $12 lb for links - please note that links are 5 to a package, with packages weighing 1-1.3 lbs each)

  • Bratwurst (links and 1lb packages)
  • Polish Sausage (links only)
  • Andouille Sausage (links only)
  • Chorizo (1lb packages only)
  • Sweet Italian Sausage (links and 1lb packages)
  • Hot Sweet Italian Sausage (links and 1lb packages)

Other Crowd Feeders

  • (TWO LEFT) Whole Sirloin Tip loins for $11/lb ​(The whole sirloins are gone, but we have a few whole sirloin tip loins weighing 6-8 lbs - I bet they would also be AMAZING on the smoker.)
  • Whole NY Strip loin for $20/lb ​(Again, a restaurant item, 10 lbs average, make steaks for a crowd or a fantastic roast.