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Pre-ORDER Procedure for The Madison City Farmers market

Hey everyone!

During this interesting time that is the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are seeing a greater demand for limited-contact sales via pre-order.

If you do not want to shop in the traditional Farmers Market booth way, you can pre-order and we will bring your purchase directly to your car at the market.  Just be sure to let us know that is your preference.

Have a look at all of our available cuts and then place an order using the form below.  Just type in what you are looking for (including a quantity) and we will be back in touch to clarify if necessary.

We do ALL of our ordering (and invoicing) through e-mail.  You can use the form below to send an e-mail message or send it to NorthAlabamaWagyu@WhitesellFarms.com via your own e-mail system.  PLEASE SUBMIT ORDERS BY 10AM ON FRIDAY!

When your order comes in (and we get back to our computer), we will review it, send a confirmation that we have received it via e-mail, and ask for any clarifications needed.  Then, we package it up, take a snapshot of the order, and send an invoice with the totals, any additional instructions, and the photo.  If you have not seen a confirmation within 24 hours, then something went wrong.  Please try your order again.

Please make sure your e-mail address is correct!

Be as detailed as possible on quantities/weights, etc. and include your cell phone for contact if there are issues.

Did you remember your cell phone and double check your e-mail address?!?  Thanks!