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Standard Selection:  8D - F1 50% Wagyu Steer

Box NumberTotal WeightRetail ValueBy Half PriceBy Quarter PriceBy Eighth Price
Box 151.3 lbs$676.04$602.30$629.80$659.21Inventory Details
Box 249.7 lbs$663.18$570.86$601.31$634.24Inventory Details
Box 353.8 lbs$701.55$612.33$647.30$682.28Inventory Details
Box 444.4 lbs$576.08$499.14$524.10$550.54Inventory Details
Box 548.8 lbs$654.80$581.44$611.35$639.19Inventory Details
Box 646.7 lbs$606.50$523.78$551.29$580.15Inventory Details
Box 747.8 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Box 842.7 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Brisket 113.3 lbs$106.48

Brisket 213.1 lbs$104.44

8D Flat Iron Steak

Premium Selection:  W-6 (22C) - Fullblood 100% Wagyu Steer

Box NumberTotal WeightRetail ValueBy Half PriceBy Quarter PriceBy Eighth Price
Box 164.2 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Box 260.2 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Box 363.0 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Box 462.7 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Box 553.1 lbs$830.78$652.91$673.58$694.44Inventory Details
Box 650.1 lbsgone

Inventory Details
Box 753.4 lbs$759.16$593.45$613.09$632.93Inventory Details
Box 849.4 lbs$727.72$556.41$575.60$595.97Inventory Details
Brisket 114.1 lbsgone

Brisket 211.5 lbsgone

W-6 (22C) Bone-in Ribeye Steak

W-6 (22C) New York Strip Steak

8D Ribeye Steak

How It Works

After processing all of our beef is inventoried and sorted into in eight nearly equal portions which are boxed for storage.  As we need individual cuts to stage for Farmers Markets or fill custom orders, boxes are utilized.

Customers who are able to buy in bulk enjoy the best possible prices.  Pick any four boxes to get the "By Half Price" (for each box); pick any two boxes to get the "By Quarter Price" (for each box); finally, any one box sells for the "By Eighth Price". Since there are some variations between the boxes, select all even or all odd boxes for a given animal for the most complete set of cuts in a side. We keep the briskets whole for our competition BBQ friends and list them separately.  A brisket can be added to any bulk purchase at the appropriate price point.

Don't forget that we do pull cuts from boxes as needed.  If you are considering any particular box.  Check the Inventory Details image for each box to see what might already be missing and what discount should be applied to the purchase price for missing pieces.  When a box is sold or loses too much of its content to be considered a "bulk purchase", it is removed from inventory.

Traceability is of utmost importance to us, so each individual animal is uniquely identified.  Follow the reference link to learn about each animal's lineage, metrics, and finishing process.  Visit the inventory details page to see specifics on each box.