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16D Ribeye Steak

Standard Selection:  1D - F3 87.5% Wagyu Steer

Box NumberTotal WeightRetail ValueBy Half PriceBy Quarter PriceBy Eighth Price
Box 157.0 lbs$825.36$677.18$714.05$747.00Inventory Details
Box 251.6 lbs$712.86$589.25$616.95$645.69Inventory Details
Box 349.0 lbs$671.71$546.95$577.03$605.54Inventory Details
Box 449.2 lbs$665.22$543.00$569.45$597.74Inventory Details
Box 551.7 lbs$726.34$599.82$628.62$655.43Inventory Details
Box 647.7 lbs$662.95$536.53$561.34$588.46Inventory Details
Box 745.1 lbs$602.20$494.27$519.02$543.09Inventory Details
Box 845.1 lbs$601.39$496.77$518.34$542.08Inventory Details
Brisket 114.8 lbs$118.04
Brisket 214.2 lbs$113.72

Beef by the Side (Half), quarter, or eighth

This page is for those customers who are able to buy in bulk and want the best possible prices.  We actually store our beef in a manner to make this easy to do.  After processing all of our beef is inventoried and sorted into in eight nearly equal portions which are boxed for storage.  As we sell them, or need individual cuts to stage for Farmers Markets or fill custom orders, boxes are utilized and marked as "gone" in the inventory list below..

You will see several prices listed in the charts below.  If you buy a side (also called a half) of beef, you get the best price.  A quarter of beef costs a little more, and an eighth of beef costs a little more than that.

To get a side of beef ... pick any four boxes and you will pay the "By Half Price" (for each box).

To get a quarter of beef ... pick any two boxes and you will pay the "By Quarter Price" (for each box).

To get an eighth of beef ... pick any one box and you will pay the "By Eighth Price" for it.

Ordering is easy.  Just visit the Contact page and let us know what box(es) you are interested in.

Since there are some variations between the boxes, if you want the most complete assortment of cuts, select the first 4 boxes, or the last 4 boxes, for a given animal.  That said, you do NOT have to pick boxes from the same animal; feel free to mix and match!  We keep the briskets whole for our competition BBQ friends and list them separately.  A brisket can be added to any bulk purchase at the appropriate price point.

Use the Inventory Details link to see an image for what is in each box.  Each box is a little unique so have some fun with picking out the one that works the best for you!

Traceability is of utmost importance to us, so each individual animal is uniquely identified.  Follow the reference link to the lineage and performance data to learn about each animal from our source, Whitesell Farms.

5D Ribeye Steak

5D TriTip Roast

Premium Selection:  5D - F2 75% Wagyu Steer

Box NumberTotal WeightRetail ValueBy Half PriceBy Quarter PriceBy Eighth Price
Box 157.3 lbs$1,058.35$831.70$864.15$896.59Inventory Details
Box 256.1 lbsgone

Box 353.9 lbs$942.59$749.79$778.49$807.20Inventory Details
Box 449.3 lbsgone

Box 556.4 lbs$1,029.11$817.97$849.15$880.32Inventory Details
Box 651.0 lbsgone

Box 751.4 lbs$906.58$722.57$749.51$776.46Inventory Details
Box 845.1 lbsgone

Brisket 112.5 lbs$150
Brisket 210.5 lbsgone

Standard Selection:  16D - F2 50% Wagyu Steer

Box NumberTotal WeightRetail ValueBy Half PriceBy Quarter PriceBy Eighth Price
Box 161.5 lbsgone

Box 259.5 lbs$836.20$710.88$746.39$782.06Inventory Details
Box 360.3 lbs$815.28$696.82$730.84$764.13Inventory Details
Box 458.8 lbs$788.43$670.12$702.78$736.53Inventory Details
Box 557.4 lbs$816.08$708.62$738.98$768.41Inventory Details
Box 658.7 lbs$804.49$691.54$723.38$754.69Inventory Details
Box 761.7 lbs$849.63$723.39$760.73$797.00Inventory Details
Box 858.6 lbs$780.02$666.05$697.56$729.36Inventory Details
Brisket 117.8 lbs$142.32

Brisket 213.3 lbs$113.72

1D Teres Major

1D Ribeye Steak

16D Shoulder Steak